If requested, prepare a Risk Assessment and Emergency Management Plan

At least 2 months before the event.

When you submit your venue booking request, the Events Officer may ask you to provide a Risk Assessment Management Plan and an Emergency Management and Evacuation Plan.

It is the responsibility of the event organiser to provide a safe environment for volunteers, contractors, staff and the public.

Risk Assessment Management Plan

Your Risk Assessment Plan should identify all the hazards that could befall your event, whether environmental, physical, chemical or organisational.

It should also cover details surrounding an event cancellation procedure.

You should provide details of how you will manage these situations, including how you will communicate with all of your stakeholders and patrons. 

Download the Risk Assessment and Management Guide (DOCX, 29.6KB).

Emergency assembly point signage

Emergency Management and Evacuation Plan

An Emergency Management and Evacuation Plan should identify:

  • the event's Emergency Coordination Centre and contact phone numbers
  • the nearest Emergency Response Providers, with a list of contact details
  • the Emergency Management Team members’ roles and responsibilities and contact numbers
  • the number of first aid service providers, their location on site and communications protocols
  • the number of staff or volunteers on the site
  • protocols for communicating, managing and actively directing the response to any fire, medical, security and safety-related incidents
  • evacuation protocols and people responsible, including arrangements for helping the elderly, children, and people with a disability
  • locations of emergency vehicle access points
  • emergency exits
  • size and timing of any scheduled and approved fireworks display.

You’ll find further advice in Worksafe's 'Advice for managing major events safely' guidelines.

Crowded places assessment  

It is a requirement that all large events review their risk and event management in line with the Federal Government’s document Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism

The Federal Government also provides a Crowded Places Self-assessment Tool for event organisers to complete.

Have you been asked to provide Risk Assessment and Emergency Management Plans?