Some of our services are closed or have different hours on the public holiday before the AFL Grand Final – Fri 29 Sept 2023

We now have friendly attendants on-site at the Kew Depot Recycling Drop-off Centre to help you sort your cardboard and mixed recyclables!

It’s a great solution for households that either have a recycling bin that is too full before collection day or have large items that don’t fit in the kerbside recycling bin. 

Our friendly team can:

  • help you sort your items correctly, so the right items end up in the recycling bin
  • check there is no recycling contamination (for example, ensuring the recyclables are loose and not bagged)
  • load your recyclables and flatten cardboard into the right bins
  • provide information and tools to help you recycle right at home.

The Kew Depot Recycling Drop-off Centre is located at 31-35 Hutchinson Drive, Kew. It is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. The centre closed on public holidays.

What you can recycle

At the Kew Depot Recycling Drop-off Centre, we take any items that are accepted in your yellow-lid recycling bin for free, including:

  • flattened cardboard boxes and excess cardboard packaging
  • paper
  • plastic bottles (lids and labels can be left on)
  • hard plastic trays and containers (does not include reusable food storage containers like Tupperware)
  • glass bottles and jars (lids and labels can be left on)
  • aluminium and steel cans.

If you have other items that you want to recycle or dispose of, you can find out how and where to donate, recycle, or dispose of your household items using our A to Z recycling and waste guide.

When you drop-off your items

Make sure you check that all cardboard packaging and boxes are neatly flattened with sticky tape removed. You can place flattened cardboard in the skip bins with the assistance of our friendly site attendants.

For mixed recyclables, place them in the blue wheelie bins loose with no bags. Lids and labels can stay on. Mixed recyclables include:

  • rigid plastic household bottles and containers
  • aluminium and steel cans
  • glass bottles and jars
  • paper.

Keeping Boroondara cleaner and greener

When we asked about your priorities for the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31, you made it clear that finding new ways to recycle and managing waste were important to you.

Our drop-off service is just one way we can:

  • ensure less waste goes into landfill
  • recover more items for recycling
  • see first-hand where and how items are recycled
  • learn how recycling initiatives will make a difference to future generations
  • keep material in circulation for longer
  • reduce the number of greenhouse gases (natural resources) needed to make new products.

Alternative waste drop-off point

The following items can be dropped off at the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre:

  • Polystyrene
  • small to medium electronic waste items from households.

More information about this location and what items are accepted for drop off can be found on our Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre page. Charges may apply.