A petition is a formal written request signed by more than one person appealing to Council about a particular cause.

Note: if your petition relates to an application for a Planning Permit, see Planning Permit objections.

Step 1: Prepare your petition

We have a petition template you can print out and use if required.

We can only accept petitions that:

  • are typed or written legibly in ink
  • relate to a matter Council has control over or is in a position to advocate with other levels of government
  • include the name, address and signature of all signatories
  • include the request and expected action clearly at the top of every page.

We cannot accept petitions that:

  • contain abusive language
  • contain defamatory, indecent or offensive remarks about a person or entity
  • are unclear
  • are illegible
  • are intended to embarrass a Councillor or Council staff member
  • encourage unlawful activity.

Step 2: Submit your petition

Send you petition via:

  • email Council
  • mail to Private Bag 1 Camberwell VIC 3124
  • fax to 9278 4466
  • in person to 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell.

Step 3: Council considers your petition and responds

For petitions with fewer than 20 signatures:

  • we pass it to the appropriate Council officer for consideration
  • a written response is sent to the contact person for the petition.

For petitions with more than 20 signatures:

  • we provide you with contact details for the responsible Council officer and the date of the next Council meeting
  • it is presented at the next Council meeting
  • we include any actions as a result of the petition in the quarterly report to Council
  • we let you know about Council's response in a letter from the Mayor or the responsible Council director.

If the petition is an objection to a Planning Permit application, the contact person is registered as an objector to the application. See Planning Permit objections.

For privacy reasons, only the subject of the petition and the number of signatories are revealed to Council.

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