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Advisory committees

Council has a number of internal and external advisory committees to support our decision making.

In addition to Councillors and Council staff, external committee membership includes representatives from relevant stakeholder or interest groups and where appropriate, representatives from the community.

The purpose and membership structure of each advisory committee is set out in its terms of reference.

These committees are not decision-making bodies and do not carry executive authority, which remains with Council and delegated officers.

Internal advisory committees



Councillor members

Statutory Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC)


Provides feedback to Council’s delegate to assist in the delegate’s decision making.



Budget Process Review Working Group (BPRWG)

Provides feedback during the budget development period.


Waste Management Reference Group

Guides development of waste management policies and practices across Boroondara.


Balwyn Community Centre Steering Committee

Acts as a sounding board for the project team during the development (planning, design, implementation and commissioning) of the Balwyn Community Centre.


Kew Recreation Centre Steering Committee

Acts as a sounding board for the project team during the development (planning, design, implementation and commissioning) of the Kew Recreation Centre.


Canterbury Community Precinct Steering Committee Acts as a sounding board for the project team during the redevelopment (planning, design, implementation and commissioning) of the Canterbury Community Precinct Centre


Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year Advisory Group

Assists and provides feedback to Officers in determining the Boroondara Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year awards.


Communications Committee Acts as a reference point for the Communications Department on current and future advocacy, communications and engagement strategies, plans, products and service priorities.


Boroondara Customer First Steering Committee Monitors the progress of the Boroondara Customer First program against the delivery of the Program milestones and budget and act as a sounding board for the Team responsible for the implementation and provide feedback throughout the course of the Program.


Tuck Stand, Glenferrie Oval Steering Committee Acts as a sounding board for the project team during the redevelopment (planning, design, implementation and commissioning) of the Tuck Stand, Glenferrie Oval


Volunteer of the Year Advisory Group Assists and provides feedback to officers in determining the Boroondara Volunteer of the Year


External Advisory Committees (including community members)




Community Disability Advisory Committee

Advises Council on strategies for identifying and addressing disability access and inclusion issues within Boroondara. Also supports the Boroondara Disability Action Plan 2018-22 and associated actions.

Council members

Service providers and community members

  • Belmore School representative, Karen Overall
  • Boroondara Stroke Support Group representative, David Warry
  • Community representative, Ruth Hoffman
  • Burke and Beyond representative, Bruno Cyr
  • Interchange Inner East representative, Travis Vande Burg
  • Swinburne University of Technology representative, Edwina Newham
  • Villa Maria Catholic Homes representative, David Williamson
  • YMCA representative, Darren Allen
  • Scope Ltd representative, Bronwen Jones

Boroondara Eisteddfod Advisory Committee

Provides support to Council in presenting the Boroondara Eisteddfod.

Council member

Community representatives

  • Anne Gilby
  • Doug Heywood OAM
  • Dr Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Gary Kirby
  • Glenn Riddle
  • Louis Schmidt
  • Dr Sharon Lierse
  • Yvonne Giltinan
  • Dr Yvonne Ho AM

Boroondara Community Safety Advisory Committee

Fosters a partnership approach to enhance safer communities by responding to, and providing feedback and information on, community safety issues of concern to the community.

Council members

Community members

  • Access Health and Community representative, Bonnie Coogan 
  • Boroondara Neighbourhood Watch representative, Suzanne Dunlop
  • Metro Trains representative, Jacques Kisnorbo
  • Metro Trains representative, Joseph Lerm
  • State Gov, Dept of Justice representative, Christiaan O’Dea
  • Swinburne University representative, Desma Smith
  • Vic Roads representative, Margaret Walpole
  • Victoria Police representative, Elizabeth Sinclair
  • Victoria Police representative, Joe Connor
  • Victoria Police representative, Margaret Bonnett
  • Victoria Police representative, Stephen Noy

Boroondara Family Violence Network

Provides a forum for planning and developing community awareness strategies that address family violence.

Note: meetings of the network are convened by the Chair, not Council.

Council members

Boroondara Public Health and Wellbeing Advisory Committee

Oversees the implementation and annual review/evaluation of the Boroondara Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-21.

Advises Council on current or emerging issues and trends for health and wellbeing.

Provides input and feedback on policy, research and projects relating to health and wellbeing in Boroondara.

Council member

Community members

  • Access Health and Community representative, David Towl
  • Department of Health and Human Services representative, Catriona Ross
  • Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network representative, Naveen Yadav
  • Inner East Primary Care Partnership representative, Steph Ashby
  • Boroondara Family Network representative, Amanda Peters
  • BASScare representative, Janet Crago
  • Women’s Health East representative, Autumn Pierce
  • YMCA representative, Mike Dean
  • Swinburne University representative, Zoe Taylor
  • Eastern Health representative, Gina Etienne

Junction Skate and BMX Park Advisory Committee (JSBPAC)

Acts in an advisory capacity on the management of the JSBP and supports the provision of amenities and recreational opportunities for young people.

Council member

Community members

  • Boroondara Police representative, Greg Garrison
  • Facility Manager, Nick Buskens (YMCA)
  • Park user representative, Adam Stone
  • Resident representative, Liz Crosthwaite
  • Resident representative, Stacey James

Marketplace Development Fund (MDF)

Determines on expenditure to promote Camberwell on Sundays, and associated infrastructure with funds raised by Rotary.

Council member

Community members

  • Balwyn Rotary Club representative, Ken McWalter
  • Camberwell Centre Association representative, Kerry Daly

Boroondara Early Years Advisory Committee

Provides information and feedback for Council on the provision of coordinated and responsive, quality early year services for families and children living, working or studying in Boroondara.

Council members

Community members


  • Camcare representative, Jane Broadhead (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Child First (Connections) representative, Peggy Tan  (Program Leader Education and Inclusion)
  • Community Health representative, Louise Rehe (Access Health and Community)
  • Craig Family Centre representative, Kate Hamond    
  • Department of Education & Training (DET) representative, Anne Kettle
  • Early Intervention representative, Anne Muir  (VillaMaria)
  • Family Day Care representative, Margaret Nicolson  
  • Long Day Care representative, Michelle Bartlett (Coordinator Greythorn Early Childhood Centre)
  • Neighbourhood House representative, Mary Liston (Coordinator Bowen Street Family Centre)
  • Parent Representative, Janet Tann
  • Parent Representative, Mieke Lochrie
  • Preschool Service Provider representative, Poppy Woodhouse (Teacher at Through Road Child Care Centre)
  • Primary School Representative, Natalie Nelson (Principal, Ashburton  Primary)
  • Representative from Early Learning Association Victoria (ELAA)

Boroondara Community Strengthening Grants Assessment Panel

Assesses applications received through the Annual Community Strengthening Grants and Triennial Operational Grants categories and recommends funding allocations to Council.

Council members 

Community members

Annual Community Strengthening Grants Panel

  • Rotary Club of Balwyn representative, Di Gillies
  • Rotary Club of Balwyn representatives, Jim Carey

Triennial Operational Grants Assessment Panel

  • Community representative, Carolyn Invaarson
  • Community representative, Allan Davey

Boroondara Arts Advisory Committee

Provides strategic advice to support Council’s efforts to promote, support and deliver arts in the community.

Council members

Community members

  • Artist representative, Tony Lloyd
  • Artist representative, Glenn Loughrey
  • Artist representative, Michelle Neal
  • Professional sector representative, Kate Mizrahi
  • Professional sector representative, Carolyn Barnes

Boroondara Young People’s Advisory Committee

Provides information and advice on issues relating to young people and their families living, working, studying or recreating in Boroondara.

Council members 

Community members

  • Access Health representative, Beth Locke
  • Camcare representative, Jane Broadhead
  • Headspace Hawthorn representative, Karen Vogel
  • Headspace Hawthorn Youth Advisory Group representative, Kate Barber
  • Inner East Local Learning Employment Network representative, Andrew Neophytou
  • Interchange Inner East representative, Marie Lugg
  • JobCo representative, Kevin Dent
  • Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre representative, Barabara Ghiani
  • Resident representative, Robert Petit
  • Salvation Army representative, Kyle Schroder
  • Swinburne University representative, Desma Smith
  • Swinburne University representative, Kevin Schoenkneckt
  • Uniting Vic.Tas representative, Jenny Smith
  • Victoria Police representative, Greg Garrison
  • Youth Reference Group - Boroondara Youth Services representative, Harry Hook

Add Life to Your Years Advisory Committee

Provides feedback to Council on issues that may influence policy, services and program developments for older people.

Council members

Community members

  • Access Community Health representative, David Towl
  • Community representative, Bob McQuillen
  • Community representative, Fiona Harding
  • Community representative, Heather Felix
  • Community representative, Keith Wehl
  • Community representative, Mary Harnan
  • Swinburne University representative Sonja Pedell
  • U3A Deepdene representative, Sue Wilms

Library Services Advisory Committee

Provides feedback and representation of community views on policy, planning and projects relating to the Boroondara Library Service, and advises Council of current or emerging issues and trends related to library services.

Council members

Community representatives

  • Bart Kolodziejczyk
  • Bryn Lewis
  • Cecilia Litchfield
  • Debbie McColl-Davis
  • Mary Damousi

Boroondara - Swinburne University of Technology Collaborative Panel

Fosters a strong and cooperative relationship for the benefit of the Boroondara community through innovation within and around the Swinburne University of Technology campuses.

Council members

Community members

  • Swinburne University Representative, Jane Ward (Vice-President Engagement)
  • Swinburne University Representative, Prof Linda Kristjanson, (Vice-Chancellor)

External management committees and boards

Committee or board


Council members

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) Represents and advocates the interests of local government, lobbies for a 'fairer deal' for councils, raises the sector's profile, ensures its long-term security and provides policy advice, strategic advice, capacity building programs and insurance services to local government.


Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA)

It is the principal source of democratic and co-operative leadership to municipalities and associated community groups, to assist local governments to maintain peace, order and good government in the municipal districts of Victoria.


Metropolitan Waste Management Group Forum

A forum that provides input into the Metropolitan Waste Management Group.


Metropolitan Transport Forum Works towards effective and equitable transport in metropolitan Melbourne. Promotes debate, research and policy development. Shares information to improve transport choices.  

  Partnership groups



Council member

Boroondara Cares

Acts as an advocate and focus to Rotary member clubs and other community groups to identify opportunities for beneficial programs and services within the City of Boroondara and to develop these for a variety of Rotary club programs.

Note: meetings are organised and convened by Rotary.



Other committees



Audit Committee

Oversees and monitors Council's effectiveness in carrying out its responsibilities for:

  • accountable financial management
  • good corporate governance
  • maintaining a system of internal controls
  • risk management
  • fostering an ethical environment.

Management Performance Review Committee

Chief Executive Officer performance review and management liaison.

Council has delegated certain powers to the Management Performance review Committee by an instrument of delegation. View the Instrument of delegation for the Management Performance review Committee   


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