Your community, services and facilities

Our community told us they value:

Well-maintained public places and community events where people of all ages and backgrounds can interact, learn and be active. Safety, respect and ensuring services are available to support those who may need them, including young families, older adults and vulnerable members of the community.  

Our community said:

We value these things because they contribute to good health, a sense of community connection and harmony across life stages.

Strategic Objective 1: Community services and facilities are high quality, inclusive and meet a variety of needs now and into the future.

Our strategies to achieve this objective

  • Strategy 1.1 - Plan, maintain and renew multipurpose facilities and sports precincts to meet broad, intergenerational needs of the community now and into the future.
  • Strategy 1.2 - Develop a multi-channel wellbeing information service that provides localised and individualised responses to support increased access to available services and facilities.
  • Strategy 1.3 - Deliver, facilitate and advocate for services and programs that promote health, wellbeing, safety and a sense of community.
  • Strategy 1.4 - Provide, facilitate and advocate for life-long learning opportunities for people of all ages.
  • Strategy 1.5 - Provide, facilitate and advocate for opportunities to increase connections within the community with a focus on local neighbourhoods.
  • Strategy 1.6 - Create and maintain public areas, facilities, amenities, footpaths and spaces that are inviting, clean and appropriately lit to increase social connection and improve perceptions of safety.
  • Strategy 1.7 - Support the community’s capacity to create and maintain safe neighbourhoods in partnership with relevant State and Federal Government services, community groups and traders.
  • Strategy 1.8 - Facilitate and produce diverse arts and cultural programs to provide entertainment and increase participation in community life for residents and tourists.
  • Strategy 1.9 - Facilitate and advocate for opportunities to maximise older people’s quality of life and engagement in the community through the provision of programs, volunteering and community-sharing projects.
  • Strategy 1.10 - Develop a strategic response to improving the safety of public places, Council’s facilities and events and take action as required to help protect community participation.

Evaluation measures

We'll use the following high level indicators and data to assess our progress towards achieving Strategic Objective 1. Detailed indicators will be published in the adjusted Council Plan 2017-21 and reported against in the Annual Report.

Indicators Data source
Outcome: Access to community services and facilities Data collected from Council’s services and facilities 
Outcome: Satisfaction with community services and facilities Annual Community Satisfaction Survey
Outcome: Council-funded services and activities delivered by community groups  Numbers of Council-funded grant recipients and funded agencies
Outcome: Utilisation of Council’s facilities, leases and licenses  Numbers of community groups using Council facilities
Output: Range of indicators to assess the progress of access, appropriateness, quality and cost of community services and facilities

Local Government Performance Reporting Framework measures

Operational indicators

Outcome indicators: Assess the overall impact and achievement of strategic objectives.

Output indicators: Measure specific activities.

Download the full Boroondara Community Plan 2017-27 - designed PDFBoroondara Community Plan 2017-27 - text format or Boroondara Community Plan 2017-27 - PDF of text version.