Theme 4: Neighbourhood character and heritage

What our community said 

We value our local heritage. We value Council’s advocacy to protect the distinct character of our neighbourhood streets and carefully regulate new development. Diversity in housing size and affordability is also important to us. We value these things because they contribute to Boroondara’s uniqueness and make it an attractive place to live, work and play.

Our Strategic Objective

Protect the heritage and respect the character of Boroondara, while facilitating appropriate, well-designed development.    

How we will achieve our Strategic Objective

Strategy 4.1. Boroondara’s heritage places are protected through ongoing implementation of heritage protection controls in the Boroondara Planning Scheme.

Strategy 4.2. The history of Boroondara’s heritage places is respected and celebrated through community education. 

Strategy 4.3. Development does not adversely impact heritage places through the application of controls and policies set out in the Boroondara Planning Scheme. 

Strategy 4.4. New development positively contributes to amenity and liveability through design excellence.

Strategy 4.5. Better development outcomes are achieved through advocacy to State Government and industry bodies for changes to planning controls and policies.

How we will measure our success

We will measure the:

  • number of heritage planning scheme amendments considered by Council
  • average number of days to process a planning application
  • percentage of Council planning decisions supported and decisions successfully mediated at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal 
  • percentage of ‘demolition consents’ under section 29A of the Building Act by Building Services checked within 15 business days. 

Our services 

There are many services we provide to our community to support our Strategic Objective for Theme 4.

These include services in:  

  • Asset Protection
  • Building Services
  • Strategic and Statutory Planning.

Read a full list of the services we provide in each of these areas