Theme 5: Moving around

What our community said 

We value access to private, public and active transport options to move around Boroondara. We value measures which can ease traffic congestion and provide safe and connected cycling and walking options. This includes well maintained footpaths for pedestrians. We value these measures because of the convenience, time savings and reduced environmental impact. This can improve quality of life at all life stages.

Our Strategic Objective

Travel options are safe, efficient and accessible, with active and public transport encouraged.

How we will achieve our Strategic Objective

Strategy 5.1. Safe roads are provided through proactive maintenance, renewal and community education. 

Strategy 5.2. Traffic congestion is better managed through advocacy to State and Federal Governments for changes to main roads.

Strategy 5.3. Shared paths and footpaths are fit-for-purpose through continued improvements to surface condition and lighting.

Strategy 5.4. Off-road bike paths and on-road cycling lanes are interconnected and safe through expanding access and infrastructure for cyclists.

Strategy 5.5. Sustainable transport use is encouraged and supported through delivery of green travel programs and advocacy to State and Federal Governments. 

Strategy 5.6. Emerging transport options including e-mobility are planned for by exploring initiatives that increase safety and public confidence in e-mobility use and infrastructure.

How we will measure our success

We will measure the:

  • community satisfaction with sealed local roads
  • community satisfaction with local shared paths for cycling and walking as a way to get around Boroondara
  • percentage of sealed local roads that are below the renewal intervention level set in the Road Management Plan Building Services checked within 15 business days
  • percentage of footpath inspections completed and defects remediated within with the timeframes as specified in our Road Management Plan
  • number of sustainable transport programs delivered to primary schools
  • number of traffic counts and surveys used to investigate, assess and respond to traffic and parking issues
  • number of advocacy initiatives related to public transport services
  • average daily bicycle users for Gardiners Creek Trail, the Anniversary Trail, Koonung Trail and Main Yarra Trail.

Our services 

There are many services we provide to our community to support our Strategic Objective for Theme 5.

These include services in:  

  • Civic Services
  • Road Maintenance and Repair
  • Traffic and Transport.

Read a full list of the services we provide in each of these areas