Theme 3: The environment

What our community said 

We value leadership in environmental sustainability and practices to prepare our community for the impacts of climate change. We believe in adopting new ways to recycle and manage waste as part of our commitment to the environment. We value the protection of our natural environment to make sure it’s healthy and resilient for future generations.

Our Strategic Objective

The environment is considered in all decision-making.

How we will achieve our Strategic Objective

Strategy 3.1. Community resilience and capacity to live sustainably is increased through advocacy, education and resources.

Strategy 3.2. The environmental impact of Council facilities and assets is further reduced through implementing sustainable practices. 

Strategy 3.3. Municipal and household waste is reduced through initiatives to prevent, reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Strategy 3.4. Trees and vegetation on private land are valued through promoting and encouraging our community to retain and enhance greenery.

Strategy 3.5. Our leafy streetscapes are maintained and improved through advocating for careful project planning by government regulatory and project authorities, supported by the increased planting of resilient species.

Strategy 3.6. Our biodiversity is conserved and maintained through improving the way we manage our diverse plants, animals and natural spaces.

How we will measure our success

We will measure the:

  • community satisfaction with environmental sustainability
  • community satisfaction with waste management
  • percentage reduction of community emissions compared with 2020 emissions
  • percentage reduction of Council CO2 emissions compared with 2007–08 emissions
  • volume of harvested water (rain and stormwater) re-used within Council buildings and open space irrigation
  • area of land actively managed for biodiversity
  • kerbside collection waste diverted from landfill (percentage of garbage, recyclables and green organics collected from kerbside bins that is diverted from landfill).

Our services 

There are many services we provide to our community to support our Strategic Objective for Theme 3.

These include services in:  

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Open Space
  • Strategic and Statutory Planning
  • Waste and Recycling.

Read a full list of the services we provide in each of these areas