Theme 2: Parks and green spaces

What our community said 

We are proud and protective of Boroondara’s beautiful parks and open spaces. Seating, playgrounds, toilets, shade and recreation facilities make our open spaces more enjoyable for all residents. We connect with each other in green and open spaces and value opportunities to exercise, relax and appreciate nature.

Our Strategic Objective

Green and open spaces are provided, well-utilised and enhanced.    

How we will achieve our Strategic Objective

Strategy 2.1. Parks and green spaces enable sport and recreation opportunities by maintaining and improving recreation spaces and equipment.

Strategy 2.2. Our sustainable urban forest is preserved and increased through managing and renewing our open space trees and understorey growth.

Strategy 2.3. Parks and green spaces are accessible and appealing through maintaining, improving and increasing amenities.

Strategy 2.4. Green spaces are maintained and increased through management practices and investigating opportunities to acquire or modify existing land. 

Strategy 2.5. Playgrounds are engaging and safe by improving shading and renewing and diversifying equipment. 

How we will measure our success

We will measure the:

  • community satisfaction with a range of parks in Boroondara and compare this with participating councils
  • satisfaction with appearance of public areas
  • number of trees on council-managed land.

Our services 

There are many services we provide to our community to support our Strategic Objective for Theme 2.

These include services in:  

  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Landscape and Design
  • Open Space.

Read a full list of the services we provide in each of these areas