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The City of Boroondara is on a journey to deliver a more seamless, easy and empowering experience to, and for, its community.

Council wants to change the way it works to make significant improvements to the experience of local residents, business owners, visitors and everyone who engages with Council and its services. The Boroondara Customer First Program has been developed so Council can deliver better customer service, be more efficient and engage more effectively with you, the community on the things that are most important to you.

It will ensure that whenever a member of the community needs to contact Council, it is as easy and straight-forward as possible – whether that’s in person, over the phone or online.

The Boroondara Customer First Program will be delivered in two phases over the next 5 years. KPMG was engaged to assist with the development of the Boroondara Customer First Program and the business case that supports investment in this program. This business case identifies $182 million of benefits for the community and Council over the next 15 years from an investment of $129 million.

Phase 1 of the Program

The first phase of the Program will focus on enabling Council to be more efficient and effective in how it delivers services, specifically focusing on strengthening the availability of digital services and reducing customer effort to request services and information.

By the end of Phase 1 in 2022, the Program will deliver:

  • a consistent and secure payment experience, regardless of the channel, device, or location
  • increased self-service capability, reducing the need to request Council services
  • faster processing of requests, transactions and refunds or over-payments
  • the ability to easily subscribe to, give feedback on and see progress on programs and consultations
  • the ability to interact with some Council services anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Phase 2 of the Program

In Phase 2, the Program will deliver enhanced functionality of services across all channels, continue to roll out new ways of working across the organisation to increase the quality of services delivered and continue to improve the customer experience.

By the end of Phase 2 in 2024, the Program will deliver:

  • improved visibility and quality of property and rates information and visibility of customer history through a Customer Portal, which will allow users to view requests, transactions, and their progress
  • the ability to tailor information received from Council
  • the ability to find, compare, and book a range of Council services and facilities online.

What this means for the community

Council’s investment in the Boroondara Customer First Program will provide the kinds of seamless and convenient experiences you expect.

Read examples of the ways residents will have an improved experience because of the Program.

Michael, 68

Lynette, 52

Brendan, 42

Agatha, 27

Why the Program is needed

City of Boroondara is consistently Victoria’s top ranked Council for customer satisfaction. However, with changing community expectations and new standards set by commercial industry leaders, we need to change.

Our community has told us their most common frustrations when interacting with Council include:

  • receiving conflicting and/or confusing information
  • being asked repeatedly to provide the same information
  • a lack of access to reliable and accurate information
  • being passed around Council departments
  • long response times from Council
  • inconsistent follow-up and consultation with residents.

The Boroondara Customer First Program will transform, integrate and improve our businesses processes, systems and technology so we can be more seamless, efficient and responsive.

Council is investing in changes to ensure that whenever you need to contact us, every engagement is as easy and straight-forward as possible – whether that’s in person, over the phone or online.

How you will benefit

Whether it’s updating personal details, paying pet registration, requesting a hard rubbish collection, booking a Council venue – or all of these at once – we want this to be a seamless, easy and straight-forward experience for you.

Through this Program, local residents, business owners, visitors and everyone who engages with Council will:

  • spend less time dealing with us and they won’t have to do so as often
  • save an estimated 3,000 days per annum across the community with more to be realised as further service improvements are made
  • be able to book and compare Council services and facilities through a self-service online portal
  • check on the progress of their requests and transaction with Council and tailor communication through a customisable online portal
  • be helped straight away without needing to be transferred around multiple departments.

This program will help us meet our community’s expectations and remove their frustrations. This program is focused on evolving to meet changing community needs and putting the customer first.

How much it will cost 

Over the next 15 years, this Program is expected to deliver $182 million in benefits for the community and Council from an investment of $129 million.

This is a big program that will transform the way Council delivers services to the community. It will deliver benefits for the community and Council for many years to come.

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