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Graffiti affects the charm and character of property and buildings.

A coordinated approach from all members of our community is needed to reduce the amount of graffiti in Boroondara.

Removing graffiti from Council, private or public property

Council property

We remove graffiti from Council property within 24 hours. Urgent cases including offensive material can be removed within four hours during working hours, or after hours if required.

Council properties include:

  • Council buildings
  • public toilets 
  • parks and reserves 
  • street furnishings such as bins and seats 
  • playgrounds and equipment 
  • Council signs 
  • fire hydrants.

Private property

We help private property owners with reported graffiti by issuing:

  • up to four litres of paint to cover over graffiti on painted surfaces
  • a biodegradable graffiti removal kit for non-painted surfaces.

Public property

Graffiti on public property is taken care of by the relevant authority, such as Public Transport Victoria for graffiti on railway stations.

Graffiti location  Who is responsible?  Contact
Railway stations, trackside graffiti Public Transport Victoria 1800 800 007 or
Telephone boxes, telephone poles, other Telstra property Telstra   13 22 03
Traffic signal boxes, traffic lights, traffic signal poles   VicRoads 13 11 70
Electricity poles, electrical sub-stations

City Power for North of Toorak Rd


United Energy for South of Toorak Rd

13 12 80



 132 009

Tram poles in Toorak Road, Camberwell Road, Riversdale Road, Cotham Road, High Street, Burwood Road or Power Street. Yarra Trams 1800 800 166

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