We all work hard to keep Boroondara safe and clean. Learn which waste goes where, when bins go out and when they should come in. 

  • Keep your bins stored on your property (not the nature strip) – unless it’s 24 hours before or after your bin collection day. 
  • Don’t put electronic waste (like batteries, TVs or computers) in your bin. These e-waste items go to a recycling centre or drop-off location. 
  • Only use Council-supplied bins for your property. 
  • Keep your bin as clean as possible (for a bin). Make sure you can close the lid.

All this is covered in our Amenity Local Law. Failure to comply may result in fines. 

When to put your bin out

You can put your bin on the nature strip in front of your property up to 24 hours before and after your bin collection time.

You must store your bins on your property when it’s not bin collection day. This keeps our public footpaths accessible and prevents waste from littering the neighbourhood.

For more information and to check your bin day, visit our Find your bin day page

Where to put your e-waste

E-waste or electronic waste is considered any item with a plug, battery, cord​ or power supply. In 2019, the Victorian Government made it illegal to put e-waste in landfill in Victoria. 

There are collection points across Boroondara that you can drop small or medium e-waste items like batteries, mobile phones​ and electronic cables. Larger items can be deposited for a fee at the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre

For more information about e-waste and the collection points in Boroondara, visit our E-waste drop-off page

More information

To find out more about our kerbside bin collection services, report a problem with your bin or bin collection, visit our Bins page.