Council Budget 2024–25

We have prepared our Budget 2024–25 in line with our commitment to sustainable budgeting, responsible financial management and the Victorian Government’s rate cap for 2024–25. Our budget also supports our community vision and priority themes in the Boroondara Community Plan 2021–2031.

Our budget aims to maintain and improve services and infrastructure, as well as deliver projects and services that are valued by our community.

We predict that this budget will have a surplus of $14.53 million. This is a decrease of $7.90 million from the 2023–24 forecast.

In 2024–25, we will continue to invest in the delivery of services to our community, including:

  • libraries
  • health and wellbeing services
  • parks and gardens, biodiversity and street trees maintenance
  • arts and cultural services and events
  • planning, development and building controls
  • maintenance of the city’s infrastructure.

We will also continue to invest in our infrastructure assets. This includes renewal works and new works for:

  • roads
  • footpaths and bicycle paths
  • drainage
  • community buildings.

We are confident the Budget 2024–25 responds to our communities’ priorities and shows how we are creating ‘a sustainable and inclusive community’.

The online version of the Council Budget 2024–25 has been simplified and edited for web.

Download the Council Budget 2024–25