2023-24 Fees and charges

We provide a range of services to the Boroondara community. To pay for these services, we either charge a fee to use them or we apply a levy.

Our Pricing Policy makes sure that we set fees in line with activities to support community objectives. These are activities that we wouldn't normally do, however, the Victorian or Australian Government has requested and funded them to meet a certain objective. 

When we set fees and charges, we think about: 

  • people’s ability to pay
  • equity in how services are subsidised
  • community service obligations
  • legal or service agreement limitations, such as building permits or statutory planning fees
  • results from benchmarking of similar services.

Our fees and charges also might change throughout the 2023–24 year. However, if fees are set by the Victorian Government, we aren’t able to change them. 

You can find more information about our fees and charges in Appendix A of the Budget 2023–24.

Waste management fees

We charge waste management fees to pay for:

  • the waste to landfill service
  • the food organics and green organics waste service 
  • the recycling service
  • hard-waste collection
  • operating the Riversdale Road Transfer Station
  • post closure management of the Clayton Landfill
  • delivering street sweeping services
  • public place waste and recycling services
  • bin renewal 
  • disposing of electronic waste.

We also charge waste management fees to pay for waste collection at:

  • public parks
  • gardens
  • sportsgrounds
  • community buildings. 

In our 2023–24 Budget, we are proposing an average increase of 5.6% for waste charges in Boroondara, which factors in the Victorian Government waste levy. This levy is part of the Victorian Government's Recycling Victoria package, which is a 10-year action plan to encourage more recycling and reduce waste to landfill.

The Victorian Government waste levy is $129.27 per tonne in 2023–24. 

Waste bin charges for 2023–24

Household waste bin size (landfill) 2022–23 charge 2023–24 charge
Waste environment levy residential and other $120 $126
Waste environment levy commercial $120 $126
80-litre and minimum waste charge residential and other $262 $276
80-litre commercial $262 $276
120-litre residential and other $477 $502
120-litre commercial $477 $502
240-litre (only for residential properties with 4 or more people in a household) $1,161 $1,224
240-litre commercial (only for commercial properties) $1,161 $1,224
240-litre concession (concessional fee for residential properties with a specific medical condition) $955 $1,000