How we measure our performance

Find out about our current and projected performance for services, finance and sustainability. 

We are required to report on our performance against a common set of indicators. These indicators are in Schedule 4 of the Local Government (Planning and Reporting) Regulations 2020. They give a useful analysis of our financial position and performance. 

For example, we looked at the satisfaction level of our community with how Council makes and implements decisions. We measured this satisfaction level by asking our community for a rating out of 100 for our consultation and engagement efforts.

We also looked at performance against other indicators, such as:

  • decision making
  • participation
  • waste diversion
  • health and safety
  • loans and borrowings
  • level of debt
  • population
  • disadvantage
  • workforce turnover.

We will report results against these indicators in the Performance Statement of our Annual Report.

You can find out how we measured against a number of common indicators in Section 5 of the Budget 2023–24.