You need a Naturestrip Renovation Permit to do works on your naturestrip, such as planting, mulching or landscaping. Once a permit is issued, there's no set timeframe to complete the works.

You don't need a permit to maintain or mow the grass or plant new grass on your naturestrip.

Step 1: Read our guidelines

Naturestrips account for a surprising amount of public land within Boroondara. They have a range of important functions - practical, aesthetic and environmental.

Council is responsible for keeping naturestrips safe and accessible. To do this, we have clear Naturestrip Guidelines for what you can and can't do on your naturestrip once you have a permit.

Step 2: Submit your application

Complete our Application for a Naturestrip Renovation Permit and submit it to Council offices.

With your application, include:

Step 3: Follow the guidelines

We'll assess your application and let you know within 21 days whether it has been approved.

Once you've received your permit, make sure you follow the Naturestrip Guidelines.

For more information, contact our Parks and Infrastructure team on 9278 4444 or email Council.

Other works on a naturestrip

You are not permitted to prune, remove or do any other works to a tree on the naturestrip.

If you need to temporarily place something on your naturestrip, such as a skip bin or equipment for construction work, you may also need a Skip Bin Permit or a Road or Footpath Occupancy Permit.

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