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Stage 4 restrictions: what's closed and what's open.

The Living for our Future program is delivered by experts and designed to build skills and interest around sustainable living and the environment. The program offers a range of exciting workshops, seminars and field days.

Workshop and webinar recordings

If you missed one of our recent workshops or webinars, recordings are available until 14 September.

Climate Action Plan Webinar

Composting and worm farming

Watch the webinar on the Sustainable Gardening Australia website using the password Boroondara29.

Reducing food waste - Easy pickling

Watch the workshop run by Open Table.

Wildlife of Boroondara

Watch the webinar by Reptile Encounters.

Home energy savers

Watch the webinar on the Australian Energy Foundation website.

Composting and worm farming

When food waste and pet waste are sent to landfill they produce harmful greenhouse gases. Up to 46% of the contents of Boroondara waste bins is food waste. Two medium sized dogs can fill a 9 litre bucket with poo every week. Add these together, and that’s a lot of waste that can easily be diverted from landfill.

The introduction of the Boroondara FOGO service (Food Organics and Garden Organics) will help keep food waste out of landfill, but pet waste is not accepted. The best solution is always to compost and worm farm your food and pet waste at home. Not only will you be benefitting the environment, you can produce valuable fertilisers and soil conditioners for your garden.

Subsidised composters and worm farms

Boroondara residents, schools and businesses are eligible to order a compost bin, Bokashi bin, worm farm or pet waste composter at a subsidised rate, with free delivery.

For more information, and terms and conditions, visit Compost Revolution - Boroondara.

Composting and worm farming video series

Maria Ciavarella from My Green Garden will talk you through the different options, benefits and considerations of worm farming and composting food waste, garden waste and pet waste, and will help you make the right choices for your household.

  • Video 1: Green Cone Solar Composters (for all food waste and pet waste)
  • Video 2: Composting (for some food waste and garden waste)
  • Video 3: Bokashi Bins (for food waste)
  • Video 4: Worm farming (for some food waste)

Click on the playlist icon at the top right of the video to jump to different videos.

Turn your backyard into a native bee oasis

In this series of 3 family-friendly videos, Katrina Forstner from Buzz and Dig shows you how to create a habitat for native bees in your backyard or on your patio.

The first video in the series introduces the fascinating world of native bees. 

The second video shows you how to make a bee hotel. 

The third video shows you how to make seed bombs. 

Watch all 3 videos in the playlist below.

Host your own event

If you're part of a community group, club, school or kindergarten, we can provide a presenter for you to host your own Living for our Future workshop.

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