About the Living for our Future program

The Living for our Future program is designed to support the community to live in a more environmentally sustainable way. The program offers: 

Host your own event

If you're part of a community group, club, school or kindergarten, we can provide a presenter for you to host your own Living for our Future workshop.

Webinars and workshops

If you missed one of our recent workshops or webinars, recordings are available for a limited time.

Bees – Turn your backyard into a native bee oasis

In this series of family-friendly videos, Katrina Forstner from Buzz and Dig shows you how to create a habitat for native bees in your backyard or on your patio.

Watch all 3 videos in the playlist below:

Keeping chickens – Backyard chooks for beginners

Join our expert, Ella from Chooktopia, as she covers:

  • the essentials of how to keep healthy, happy chooks in your backyard
  • Council and local law considerations and guidelines
  • a virtual tour of her chookyard where you can ‘meet’ her friendly chooks.

Watch the Keeping chickens - backyard chooks for beginners video.

Chooks not only make great pets, but they recycle your food scraps and provide fresh and nutritious eggs.

Climate Action Plan webinar

An update from Mayor Cynthia Watson and fellow councillors on the Climate Action Plan as part of the council meeting in December 2019. 

With Council's current Our Low Carbon Future Strategy coming to an end in 2020, our vision is to bring together the wide range of policies, strategies, action plans and other initiatives which deliver on Council's commitment to the environment as well as to set the direction for the future.

Composting and worm farming video series

When food waste and pet waste goes to landfill they produce harmful greenhouse gases:

  • Food waste makes up to 46% of the contents of Boroondara waste bins.
  • Pet waste from 2 medium-sized dogs can fill a 9 litre bucket every week.

Together, we can easily do our part to divert waste from landfill. 

Our Food Organics and Garden Organics bin service will help keep food waste out of landfill. But pet waste is not accepted. By composting pet waste and food at home you can:

  • help the environment
  • produce valuable fertilisers and soil conditioners for your garden.

Join Maria Ciavarella from My Green Garden on the different options for composting and worm farming food waste, garden waste and pet waste:

If you're a Boroondara resident, school or business, you may be eligible for subsidised composters and worm farms with free delivery.

Heatproof your garden

Watch the Heatproof your garden webinar by Very Edible Gardens.


Fantastic frogs webinar

Meet some of our local frogs up close. Hear local frog experts David De Angelis and Jane Petch from Melbourne Water talk about how you can help monitor our local frog species.

Watch the Fantastic frogs webinar video.

Birds of Boroondara webinar

Meet some of our local feathered friends up close in our bird show and learn more about our local bird species from an expert from Birdlife Australia.

Watch the Birds of Boroondara webinar video

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