Soaring temperatures pose a serious threat to our local wildlife, who can’t always escape the heat as easily as we can. 

We recommend the following actions on warm weather days to ensure we are collectively supporting our local wildlife:

Provide water

Leave shallow dishes of clean water in shady locations at different heights away from pets or potential predators. This will allow many different species to enjoy a refreshing drink. Place a few stones or sticks in the dish so that small creatures can escape if they fall in as well.

Provide shade

If possible provide some artificial shade for wildlife that may visit your yard.

Keep cats and dogs inside

Not only is it cooler indoors but it also keeps them away from other wildlife that are likely to already be experiencing stress.

Keep an eye out for heat-stressed wildlife

Heat-stressed wildlife will often behave different to how they normally act. Signs that a native animal is heat-stressed include:


•    out during the day
•    being on the ground rather than in a tree
•    unresponsive or have a lethargic appearance.


•    beaks open or panting
•    wings spread
•    not flying away when approached. 

If you spot wildlife that looks like it is experiencing heat stress, call Wildlife Victoria on 03 8400 7300 or contact your local vet for help.

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