The existing Boroondara Graffiti Program was adopted in 2001 and introduced a multi-faceted approach to graffiti management across the municipality. The program aimed to develop a consistent process for removal and reporting, to increase public awareness of the issue of graffiti and to develop education and prevention programs.

Council has implemented initiatives that were identified in the Program, as well as introduced additional initiatives based on consultation with other councils and best practice. There has however been no formal review since that time.

The City of Boroondara engaged the services of Capire Consulting Group in 2014 to undertake a review of the existing Graffiti Program. The review process focused on the following items:

  • Benchmark Council’s current practices against other local governments throughout Australia and internationally.
  • Research the current practices of public asset owners in order to understand how Council can work better with them to address graffiti on their assets in the municipality.
  • Explore modern initiatives in graffiti management including approaches to prevention, reporting and response.

The purpose of Council’s Graffiti Management Strategy is to set out a proactive, coordinated and collaborative approach to graffiti management in Boroondara.

The strategy is structured around six themes into which specific objectives and actions have been grouped, as follows:

  1. Reporting - this theme covers reporting of graffiti to Council, and by Council to other parties
  2. Removal - addresses the action that Council takes in order to remove graffiti on Council and private property
  3. Partnerships - covers the ways in which Council works with other organisations to assist in graffiti management
  4. Prevention - focuses on efforts by Council to prevent graffiti occurring including physical deterrents.
  5. Advocacy - this theme informs action in relation to graffiti on assets owned by other authorities which Council does not control
  6. Internal Governance - the structure within Council to oversee implementation of the strategy

Objectives have been determined for each strategy and an accompanying action plan has been developed with a mix of continuing current actions and new initiatives.

The strategy considers the approach to graffiti on Council property, as well as how Council may influence the removal of graffiti on assets managed by other public authorities.

Council will work together with internal stakeholders, external agencies and the community to deliver the actions outlined in the strategy.

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