• We are responsible for removing graffiti from Council property.
  • We offer kits and paint to help you remove graffiti from your property.
  • Please report graffiti on public property to the responsible authority.

Graffiti is illegal, wastes time and precious resources to remove, and affects the charm and character of property and buildings.

If you see graffiti in your local area, we encourage you to report it to the relevant authority.

Graffiti on private property

If your private residential or commercial property has been damaged by graffiti, report it to the police, ideally with a photo.

We can also help you by providing:

  • a voucher for up to 4 litres of free paint to cover graffiti on painted surfaces
  • free biodegradable graffiti removal kit for non-painted surfaces.

Contact us to request the kit or paint voucher.

Deterring graffiti from reoccurring

If you remove graffiti quickly, it's less likely that it will reoccur. In the event that graffiti reoccurs on your property, we highly recommend that you take a photo and submit it to the police, then remove it.

Graffiti on Council property

We remove graffiti from Council property within 24 business hours of being notified. For urgent cases - such as offensive material - we can remove it within 4 hours during working hours, or after hours if required.

‘Council property’ includes:

  • Council buildings and signs
  • street furnishings such as bins and seats
  • public toilets
  • parks and reserves
  • playgrounds and equipment
  • fire hydrants.

Report graffiti on Council property and assets

If you have a smartphone, you can use the Snap Send Solve app, which is free from iTunes and Google Play store.

You can also call us during business hours (or out of hours for urgent cases) on 9278 4444.

Graffiti on public property

If graffiti is on public property, such as along railway lines or on traffic lights or poles, please report it to the responsible authority shown in the table below.

Graffiti location

Responsible authority

Railway stations and crossings

Alongside railway tracks

Public Transport Victoria

Call 1800 800 007 or PTV - feedback and complaints

Tram poles

If on Toorak Road, Camberwell Road, Riversdale Road, Cotham Road, High Street, Burwood Road or Power Street:

Yarra Trams

Call 1800 800 166

Yarra Trams customer feedback form

Telephone boxes

Telephone poles

Telephone junction poles and pit covers

Other Telstra property


Call 13 22 03

Traffic signal boxes

Traffic lights

Traffic signal poles


Call 13 11 70

VicRoads - Contact us

Electricity poles

Electrical substations

Utility companies

CityPower (north of Toorak Rd)

Call 13 12 80

United Energy (south of Toorak Rd)

Call 132 099

Post boxes or mail delivery boxes

Australia Post

Call 13 13 18


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