We offer a range of services and resources to schools and kindergartens to help students, teachers, and families. These services and resources focus on learning more about the environment, becoming actively involved in the community, and encouraging students to live more sustainably.

For information about programs and resources for encouraging students to walk or ride their bikes to school, visit our Safe and active travel to school page.

Sustainable schools network

The Teacher Environment Network (TEN) is coordinated through collaboration between the councils for the City of Boroondara and the City of Monash.

Teachers and parents interested in supporting environmental sustainability in their school or kindergarten are invited to events that support teachers and parents to share skills, knowledge and ideas. These events, held quarterly, can include expert guest speakers or site visits and tours.

To find out more, subscribe to the TEN newsletter.

Apply for a speaker or incursion

You can apply for a Council Sustainability Officer or other expert to speak at your school. To learn more, visit our Sustainable living workshop and events page.

Energy saving

Borrow an energy meter or a thermal imaging camera from one of our libraries to track your school's energy use and save energy.

Visit our Save energy in your home page to find out more.

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