Home composting is an easy way to recycle your food scraps, reduce your environmental footprint and make soil conditioners and rich fertiliser for your garden.

Discounts for home composting products

Each household in Boroondara is eligible to get 50% off recommended retail price on one item below with free delivery:

  • Compost bins: for items like vegetable scraps, leaves and garden prunings so they can decompose quickly to create compost, which is a great fertiliser for your garden
  • Benchtop Bokashi bin: food waste, including meat and dairy, is broken down using inoculated bran (a friendly bacteria) into a safe compost for your plants.
  • Above ground and in-ground worm farms: worms eat organic waste and turn it into liquid fertiliser and worm castings (the organic material that has been digested by the worms) to use on your garden.
  • Pet poo composter: a compact in-ground system that turns pet waste into rich fertiliser for your non-food plants.
  • Green cone solar composter: an in-ground system that turns any food waste (including meat, fish, bones, fruit and dairy) as well as pet waste into rich fertiliser for your garden.

How to buy

To order and pay for one of these products:

  • visit our Compost Revolution website
  • complete the online quiz to ensure you know how to use your product .

You'll receive your product within 4 weeks of payment confirmation. 

Apartments and units

If you live in an apartment or unit complex with 7 or more dwellings, you can organise a compost product through your body corporate or managing agent.

Learn more about home composting

You can learn more about composting, gardening, cooking and food sustainability at our Living for our future events and workshops.

Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website to find out how you can reduce the amount of food that becomes waste.

You can also visit Compost Revolution to learn more about composting or to brush up on your composting skills and knowledge.

Do you have excess food scraps to share or need organic waste to top up your compost? Visit the Sharewaste website to connect with your local community.

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