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We are responsible for delivering a wide range of high-quality services and manage over $4.34 billion of community assets.

See below for the assets and services covered and breakdown of what your rates fund with every $100 that Council spends in 2023-24.

For every $100 of expenditure, we deliver the following services:

Services Amount in every $100 of expenditure
Capital works and priority projects $35.41
Environment and waste management $14.05
Parks, gardens and sports grounds  $9.50
Health, aged community and family services  $8.01
Library, arts and cultural services $6.41
Communications and customer service $5.64
Planning and building  $5.36
Local laws enforcement $5.30
Roads, footpaths, safety and drainage $4.53
Engineering and traffic management $2.26
Rates and property services $1.61
Leisure, recreation and civic centres* $1.03
Economic development $0.89

* Excludes operating expenditure for five externally managed recreation centres.

The figures in the table include an allocation of corporate services, governance, risk management, building maintenance and public lighting across these service areas.

Where your rates go

Your rates help to pay for the following services and assets in the City of Boroondara.

Multistory buildings of different heights

236 buildings

the outline of a car

566 km of local roads

Figure of a person riding a bike and wearing a helmet

57 km of on-road cycling paths

A path with a divider down the middle to show it is two-way, and a symbol of a person walking and a bike to show it is a shared path

36 km of shared paths on trails

Outline of a playground with a tower that has a slide, and a climbing area with ladders and rings

116 playgrounds

A person walking a dog on a lead

1,265 km of footpaths

Two pipes

749 km of storm water pipes

A park with a bench and some trees

564 ha of open space

More information

To find out more about how your rates are spent, see our Council Budget 2023-24 page.

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