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Marquees, arbours and chuppahs

Some of our parks and gardens allow marquees, arbours and chuppahs.

If our park or garden allows these items, you must:

  • secure them with sandbags or water weights, not pegs or stakes
  • ensure that they don't damage Council property, including facilities and watering systems
  • remove them as soon as the event is finished.

Other shade structures, such as umbrellas, are not permitted.

Size restrictions and fees

If the park or garden allows marquees, arbours or chuppahs, you can bring one 3 m by 3 m item for free.

If you would like larger or additional marquees or arbours, you must get our approval and pay a bond. Include your request for extra items in the 'bookings summary' section when you submit your booking application.

TypeFee per structure
One item up to 3 m by 3 m per bookingFree
Extra 3 m by 3 m item$305
Pop-up item larger than 3 m by 3 m (maximum size of 3 m by 6 m)$305

Chairs and tables

All chairs and tables must have horizontal bar legs to prevent damage to our sites.

As motorised vehicles and equipment are not allowed, you must carry these items into the garden. If you use a trolley to transport items, it must stay on the footpath and is not permitted on grass areas.

Temporary structures

To set up a temporary structure at your event, download and complete a prescribed temporary structures application.

Temporary structures include:

  • seating stands
  • tents
  • stages
  • guard rails
  • lighting and stage rigging.

Cost: $299.80

Processing time: up to 10 weeks

We don't allow temporary structures to be pegged or staked in the ground. Temporary structures must be weighed down with sandbags or water weights.

You also need approval from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) if you plan to have:

  • a stage or platform bigger than 150 square metres
  • a tent, marquee or booth with a floor area bigger than 100 square metres
  • a seating stand for more than 20 people
  • a prefabricated building with a floor area bigger than 100 square metres.

You will need an occupancy permit from the VBA before you submit your prescribed temporary structures application to us. Visit the Prescribed Temporary Structures page on the VBA website for details. 

Public liability

You will need a minimum of $20 million in public liability insurance if you are hiring infrastructure for your event.

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