Sustainable Council Buildings Policy

We are currently updating this policy. Please refer to the 2016 version below until we publish an update.

Our policy helps us improve sustainability standards across our buildings and facilities.

This includes how we plan, design, build, use and maintain our buildings.

This policy applies to more than 200 buildings that we own and manage.

These include our aquatic centres, Council offices, libraries, depots and Hawthorn Arts Centre.

Our guiding principles are to:

  • manage demand for new building spaces
  • encourage sustainable use of our existing buildings
  • design and build sustainable buildings
  • maintain and use buildings responsibly.

Minimum sustainability standards

We set minimum sustainability standards for constructing or updating our buildings.

Balwyn Library is an example of one of our recent building projects that meets a high sustainability standard.

For most building projects we use the Greenstar Design and As Built Tool 5 star rating system.

You can read about the system on the Green Building Council of Australia website.

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