You can make a request for a memorial and commemorative plaque to be placed in our parks and gardens. Plaques are installed on existing park benches.

Applications will be considered based on whether:

  • the plaque recognises a significant event that happened in Boroondara
  • the plaque recognises a significant place in Boroondara
  • the person or group commemorated has made a significant contribution to the Boroondara community
  • the application is consistent with our masterplan or strategic development framework for the site
  • there are plaques, memorials, public artworks and other objects nearby
  • the person, event or occasion is not already identified by another plaque or marker elsewhere

You can nominate a site for the plaque, but the final location remains at our discretion.  

We are not responsible for any vandalism or damage to the plaque and we cannot guarantee to retain it in perpetuity.

Memorial plants and furniture

We are not currently accepting requests for memorial planting or new park/street furniture.

More information

For more information or to request to have a plaque installed, please email [email protected]

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