Registered clubs

If your sporting club has already set up an account in our online venue booking system, you can use the online booking system to:

  • check your tenancy
  • make a casual booking
  • make a maintenance request.

Log in to the online booking system

Registered users are sent an email when the seasonal applications are open for the year.

New clubs

If you are a new sporting club or group and would like to apply for a season or pre-season booking for a sportsground or sports facility, contact our Club Liaison Officer by emailing [email protected] or calling us on (03) 9278 4797. You can find a list of the grounds and facilities that can be booked on our Sportsgrounds and sports facilities page.

We’ll discuss a seasonal agreement, insurance and other requirements, and then help you set up an account using our online venue booking system.

Once you’ve set up an account, you can view venue availability and manage your venue bookings and team and club membership information. You’ll also be notified when seasonal applications are open for the year.

Fees for seasonal venue bookings are determined on an individual basis.

Hiring out your leased club

If you would like to hire out your leased facility (e.g. tennis, hockey, bowls, etc.) for casual bookings, and it is permitted in your lease agreement, you can use the casual hire agreement form.

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