When your booking request for a park, garden or sportsground is approved, we will send you an invoice for hiring the venue.

Booking fees

Venue Fee
Alexandra, Canterbury, Central, Maranoa or Surrey Gardens (includes exclusive use of the rotundas at Canterbury Gardens and Alexandra Gardens) $150.00 per hour
All other parks and gardens $150.00 per 4-hour block
Casual sportsground hire $65.50 per hour
Pavilions and halls $66.00 per hour

Fees for temporary structures

At the time of invoicing, you may incur extra charges due to the size or number of marquees at your event.

View marquee sizes and fees.

Bonds for venue hire

When Council invoices you for venue hire, you may also be asked to pay a bond.

Type of bond

Bond amount

When is this refunded?

Event bond

Requested when aspects of the event pose a risk of damage to the park.

Minimum $200 up to the amount, as per risk calculated

The bond is refunded in full four weeks after the event, if the site is left in the same condition it was prior to the event.

Key bond

Required if you are provided with a key for access to the venue.


The bond is refunded when the key is returned.

Cancellation fee

If you cancel your booking with notice, a cancellation fee of $56.00 will be charged for processing the refund and return of the bond.

Contact details

For queries, contact Sports and Events at [email protected] or call 9278 4444.

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