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Our vision & guiding principles

Our vision

Our Boroondara Bicycle Strategy 2022 will deliver a bicycle network that is:

  • safe
  • connected
  • protected
  • efficient
  • appealing to all ages and abilities.

Our bicycle network will include off-road paths and on-road links that provide access to a range of destinations. Our network will also help make bicycle riding an easier and more attractive option for all residents, workers and visitors in Boroondara. 

Our guiding principles

Our vision and Strategy is supported by 4 guiding principles.

1. Connected and complete bicycle network

We want the community to see bicycle riding as a practical and attractive transport option that meets their needs. 

We will do this by:

  • linking our bicycle network to key destinations, such as activity centres, train stations and shopping areas
  • integrating our bicycle network with the broader transport network. For example, supporting bicycle riding to a train station
  • making sure our bicycle network reaches all parts of Boroondara
  • integrating our bicycle network with surrounding municipalities
  • offering direct routes in the bicycle network with minimal detours. This would support a faster journey time compared with other types of transport 

2. Safe bicycle riding experience

A recent survey of Boroondara residents found that 78% of people were interested in riding more, but concerned about the potential safety risks. We understand that the best way to increase bicycle riding participation is to provide more off-road paths or protected on-road infrastructure. It’s also important to provide separate facilities for bicycle riders and pedestrians on busy formal shared paths. 

On informal shared paths, we can improve the maintenance and renewal of unsealed gravel surfaces to encourage lower travel speeds and better cater for recreational use. 

3. Integrated supporting facilities 

We need to provide supporting facilities to encourage bicycle riding participation. 

This includes:

  • bike parking
  • bike repair stations
  • water fountains
  • seats  
  • end-of-trip facilities
  • route information
  • signage that directs people to these facilities.

4. Awareness and education

We want to continue running and supporting promotional and educational programs that will encourage people to ride bicycles. We want to raise awareness of the benefits of bicycle riding, as well as help people develop safe riding skills.


Two people riding their bikes along an off-road trail