Meet the artists

Be inspired by the artists who are creating and exhibiting art in Boroondara. Listen to local artists talk about their art and gain insight into the artworks exhibited at the Town Hall Gallery through artist’s interviews.

Artists of Boroondara

#ArtistsofBoroondara is a video series produced by Boroondara Arts that celebrates the creativity of artists who live or work in Boroondara.

Listen to local artists talk about their influences, tools and materials, their passion, and the challenges and joy they experience in making art.

Authored on
Wed 16 October 2019

The Three Sedergreens

Melbourne jazz royalty Bob, Steve and Mal Sedergreen discuss their love of jazz and the concept of playing music together as a family. ‘The Three Sedergreens’ performed, along with special guests, to a sold out crowd at Hawthorn Arts Centre on Friday 30 August, 2019.

Authored on
Thu 12 September 2019

John Young Zerunge prepares for ‘The Lives of Celestials’

John Young Zerunge presents his exhibition ‘The Lives of Celestials: John Young Zerunge’ at Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn. In this video, John speaks from his studio and the gallery about his practice and the significance of exhibiting in his local Boroondara community.

Authored on
Wed 27 February 2019

In the Studio with Samara Adamson-Pinczewski

Samara Adamson-Pinczewski wanted to be an artist from a very early age. In this video, Samara discusses her interest in Abstraction and her personal history that has influenced her love of metals and reflective surfaces.

Authored on
Tue 26 June 2018

In the studio with Bill Ferguson

Speaking from his studio in Hawthorn, painter Bill Ferguson describes the challenges of finding one’s voice as an artist, his painting style, and his painting 'The Mourning Figure' (part of the Town Hall Gallery Collection).

Artist interviews

Listen to artists who have exhibited at the Town Hall Gallery talk about their art and what inspired them to create the works they presented as part of the Town Hall Gallery curated exhibition program.

Authored on
Mon 8 July 2019

Steven Rhall, artist

Artist Steven Rhall discusses his work and his approach, on display as part of the For Love or Money exhibition at the Town Hall Gallery.

Authored on
Thu 13 June 2019

Vicky Browne, artist

Artist Vicky Browne discusses her sound art work, Cosmic Noise, on display as part of Sounds Like. 

Authored on
Tue 2 April 2019

Hannah Quinlivan, artist

Artist Hannah Quinlivan describes her ephemeral, site-specific works on display as part of Delineation.

Authored on
Thu 20 December 2018

Louise Saxton, artist

Artist Louise Saxton describes her practice and the history of her exhibition The Linen Project.

Authored on
Thu 20 September 2018

Ilona Nelson, artist

Artist Ilona Nelson describes her process and practice, and her exhibition This Wild Song.

Authored on
Wed 1 August 2018

ek.1 (Katie Louise Williams and Emma Hicks), artists

Artists ek.1 (Katie Louise Williams and Emma Hicks) describe the object from the Town Hall Gallery Collection that inspired their new work for the Unknown, Untitled exhibition.

Authored on
Fri 22 June 2018

Tim Craker, painter, sculptor and installation artist

Artist Tim Craker discusses how he brought new life to common household objects in the Elevating the Everyday exhibition.

Authored on
Fri 22 June 2018

Honor Freeman, sculptor

Sculptor Honor Freeman discusses Soap Score, her remarkable installation from Elevating the Everyday that features 656 bars of soap cast in porcelain.

Authored on
Fri 22 June 2018

Carolyn Lewens and Pamela Bain, artists

Artists Carolyn Lewens and Pamela Bain discuss the galactic inspirations behind the DEEPER, DARKER, BRIGHTER exhibition.

Authored on
Fri 22 June 2018

Matthew Sleeth, photographer

Photographer Matthew Sleeth looks back at the memories of summer holidays that inspired the exhibition, Rosebud.

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