Matthew Sleeth, photographer

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Fri 22 June 2018

Photographer Matthew Sleeth looks back at the memories of summer holidays that inspired the exhibition, Rosebud.

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Speaker: Matthew Sleeth - Artist.

This is a project called Rosebud which is a seaside town an hour and a half south east of Melbourne. It’s where I spent most of my summer holidays ’til I was about 13.

I have very vivid memories of growing up around the same people and the same places and having, sort of, all those adventures, as a kid, that you have.

At the time that I made this I returned to Australia after having been away for quite a long time.

And, the sort of Rosebud reference from Citizen Kane of something that was lost from childhood was something that I’d thought about a lot as I was, sort of, at that age.

And it was this idea of what you could and couldn’t reclaim from childhood and what had you’d moved on from but also what you’re still hanging onto.