The Three Sedergreens

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Wed 16 October 2019

Melbourne jazz royalty Bob, Steve and Mal Sedergreen discuss their love of jazz and the concept of playing music together as a family. ‘The Three Sedergreens’ performed, along with special guests, to a sold out crowd at Hawthorn Arts Centre on Friday 30 August, 2019.

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Music is the most important thing on the stage. You got the right sort of musicians and they care about music first then the music’s going to be beautiful and then we’re all going to have a great time.

My name is Bob Sedergreen and I’m a well-known jazz identity in Melbourne. I’ve received plenty of awards for my work and jazz is what I do.

My sons are also brilliant musicians and we’re all getting together to do a big concert at the Hawthorn Town Hall.

Most of the work is done by the boys. Steven’s into the vibe and the onstage presence. And Mal will want to make sure that we do a balanced program. And then they’ll run it past me and I’ll include a couple of tunes they might not have thought of or if I’m happy with what they’ve done I’ll just go along with them as I normally do.

I’m looking forward to playing to people in this area. Boroondara isn’t endowed with thousands of jazz clubs. So playing to people who leave happy in the knowledge that we played some music that they love and we communicated with them.

Hope you enjoy this. This is called ‘Mountain Man’.

It is a highlight to play with my sons and a lot of people always say to me “well aren’t you really proud of your boys”. I try to convince them that when we are playing together they’re actually musicians and we’re collaborating together to make good music.

Well I don’t know what it’s like playing with my Dad. Because I had two decisions to make. And I chose to perform with Bob Sedergreen which has allowed me to just have the pleasure of hearing this master musician the last thirty years.

I learned everything by watching him. There is nothing better playing with my father.

It’s not different to playing with other musicians. Because the music always comes before anything else. But they still gotta play well they still have got to play as well as anyone else or probably better as far as I’m concerned.

Obviously when we come off the stage they’re back to being my boys again. 

This is a pleasure for me. Sometimes dreams can come true. Thanks for coming to our gig. Thank you.