You might need a Planning Permit to buy, renovate, develop or change the use of a property within Boroondara. It’s a legal document that allows you to use or develop land in a certain way.

There are some factors that might affect whether you need a planning permit, these include:

  • the type of works you want to do
  • where the property is located
  • the size of the property
  • how the property will be used.

Follow the steps below to help you gather the right information for your proposal.

Step 1: Do your research

Before you apply for a Planning Permit, make sure you research the property and planning policies that may impact your proposed development or site.

Here are some things you can do:

Step 2: Get some professional advice

You can reach out to industry professionals such as design professionals or planning consultants for advice.

Contact our Statutory Planning team for general advice, for free. You can find out how to get in touch with us on our Contact Statutory Planning or Building Services page.

You can also fill in our Request written planning advice form to request written advice from us to help you understand whether your proposal will need a Planning Permit.  There is a $96.80 fee for written planning advice.

Request written planning advice

Step 3: Complete a site analysis

To complete a site analysis, make sure you:

  • Talk to adjoining property owners. If they are unhappy with any aspect of your proposal, you may be able to reach a compromise before lodging your planning application.
  • Consider the constraints and opportunities presented by the site.
  • Prepare a site description to illustrate the characteristics of the site and surrounding area, using a surveyor, if exact dimension are required.

Step 4: Prepare sketch plans

Make sure you prepare high level sketch plans and:

  • consider integrating landscaping into the proposed development
  • indicate how the design responds to the site and surrounding areas.

Step 5: Book a pre-application meeting with us

You can book a free, paperless 45-minute meeting with our Planning Liaison Officer.

The Planning Liaison Officer will be able to:

  • let you know if you are on the right track
  • highlight if there are any issues with your application
  • help with areas of the application you might be worried about
  • confirm the relevant policies that you will need to consider when preparing your application.

To book a pre-application meeting:

  1. Download and complete the pre-application meeting cover sheet.
  2. Convert your documents to electronic format.
  3. Email your documents to [email protected]

Make sure you email the electronic documents to us at least 3 days before the pre-application meeting. This gives us time to assign the application to one of our Planning Liaison Officers.

They will view the plans for the first time during the pre-application meeting.

The Planning Liaison Officer will give basic advice and guidance. You will still need to lodge a Planning Permit application with us.

Step 6: Review and finalise your plans

Weigh up the feedback you get from us and your neighbours. 

Review your plans and incorporate any suggested changes that you think are reasonable.

Finalise your plans and any written material, including your neighbourhood and site description and design response.

Now you're ready to prepare your Planning Permit application.

Apply for a Planning Permit

More information

For more information, call our Statutory Planning department on 9278 4888 or email [email protected] 

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