VicSmart offers a faster process for straightforward, low-impact Planning Permit applications.

VicSmart eligibility

To be eligible for a VicSmart application, your proposal must be one of the following:

  • Realign a boundary between two lots.
  • Subdivide land into lots each containing an existing building or car parking space.
  • Subdivide land with an approved development into two lots.
  • Construct a front fence in a residential zone.
  • Construct a building or works in a Commercial or Mixed Use Zone if the following applies:
    • Estimated cost of the development does not exceed:
      • $50,000 in a Mixed Use Zone.
      • $500,000 in a Commercial Zone.
    • The land is not within 30 metres of land (not a road) which is in a residential zone.
    • Is not for a purpose listed in the table to Clause 52.10 in the planning scheme.
    • Is not associated with a dwelling in a Mixed Use Zone.
    • Is not for a Brothel or Adult sex bookshop.
  • Construct a building or works in an overlay if the buildings and works are associated with a dwelling (if the land is within the Special Building Overlay, the consent of the relevant referral authority must be provided).
  • Demolish or remove an outbuilding (including a carport, garage, pergola, verandah, deck, shed or similar structure) or a fence in the Heritage Overlay, provided the structure or fence is not identified in the schedule to the overly.
  • Remove, destroy or lop one tree.
  • Minor subdivision, minor buildings and works, painting or tree lopping in a Heritage Overlay
  • Minor subdivision or buildings and works in a Special Building Overlay
  • Display a sign in a commercial, industrial or special purpose zone, if the following applies:
  • The sign is not within 30 metres of land (not a road) which is in a residential zone;
  • The sign is not a pole sign, sky sign, reflective sign, internally illuminated, floodlit, electronic or animated; and
  • The total display size of the sign does not exceed 10 square metres.
  • Reduce a car parking requirement by no more than 10 spaces.
  • Reduce or waive the loading and unloading requirements.

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VicSmart process

The VicSmart process involves 5 simple steps:

  1. Prepare: check the planning scheme, discuss your proposal with Council, pick up checklists and any other information.
  2. Submit: submit the Application for VicSmart to Council with all the required information.
  3. Respond to requests: Council may request further information within 5 business days.
  4. Assess: a Council officer assesses the application against preset criteria.
  5. Decide: a Council officer approves or refuses the application within 10 business days.


Approximately 10 business days from the date all required information is received.

Further information

For help, email Statutory Planning or call 9278 4888.

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