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You need a Planning Permit to:

  • start a new development
  • use land in a specific way
  • complete building works if your property is in certain overlays or zones.

These overlays and zones include:

  • Heritage Overlay
  • Special Building Overlay
  • Significant Landscape Overlay
  • Land Subject to Inundation Overlay
  • Transport Zone
  • Residential Zones (depending on lot size)
  • Commercial Zones.

A Planning Permit is a legal document. It checks your plans comply with the Boroondara Planning Scheme.

Follow the steps below to get prepared before you apply.

Step 1: Do your research

Read relevant property and planning policies that may affect your plans.

You should:

Step 2: Get professional advice

Contact industry professionals for technical advice, such as design or planning consultants.

You can also:

This helps you understand whether your proposal will need a Planning Permit.

Step 3: Complete a site analysis

Think about the constraints and opportunities of the site.

Talk to neighbours and adjoining property owners. If they are unhappy with your plans, you may be able to compromise before you apply.

Prepare a site description that includes:

  • the characteristics of the site and area
  • elements on your site and surrounding properties, such as buildings and trees.

If your works involve building extensions, you need to include exact boundary dimensions. We recommend you use a surveyor.

Step 4: Prepare your plans

Your plans should be drawn to scale and include:

  • existing and new buildings
  • floor levels and site levels
  • floor plans and elevations
  • any earthworks and vegetation that you plan to remove
  • how you plan to integrate landscaping into the development
  • a design response.

Your design response indicates:

  • how your plans respond to the context of the site and surrounding areas
  • opportunities and constraints of the site.

Step 5: Book a pre-application meeting

Once you have your plans and documents ready, book a meeting with us:

  1. Download and complete the pre-application meeting cover sheet.
  2. Email your plans and cover sheet to [email protected].

You must email the documents at least 3 days before the meeting.

We will:

  • review your plans during the meeting
  • give you advice about your application
  • highlight any potential issues to resolve.

This meeting is free and takes around 45 minutes.

Note: You must still submit an application for a Planning Permit, separate to this meeting.

Download the pre-application meeting coversheet

Step 6: Finalise your plans

Weigh up the feedback you get from us, professionals and your neighbours.

Review your plans and incorporate any changes that you think are reasonable.

Finalise your documents, including:

  • site plans
  • neighbourhood and site description
  • design response.

Now you're ready to start your application.

Apply for a Planning Permit

More information

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