After we issue a Planning Permit, you can apply to make changes to the:

  • approved plans
  • permit conditions
  • permit pre-amble (the description of what the permit allows).

To make changes to your Planning Permit you need to apply for either a:

  • Secondary Consent amendment
  • Section 72 amendment. 

Secondary Consent amendment for minor changes

Apply for a Secondary Consent amendment to make minor changes to approved plans.

Under Secondary Consent you can't:

  • change what the permit allows
  • change the permit conditions
  • make major changes to the plans
  • propose changes that cause material detriment to neighbouring or surrounding properties. 

Material detriment is when your plans negatively affect the use or enjoyment of land.

If you make changes as a Secondary Consent amendment, you don't need to notify the public or advertise the changes.

What to include in your application

You need to include:

  • the revised plans or approved documents 
  • tree management plans and landscape plans (if these were part of your permit)
  • supporting information that can help us assess your application, such as photos, site plans or house plans.

Your plans and documents must show:

  • all proposed changes
  • all parts of the approved design that haven't changed.

How to apply

Use our online form to apply.

Apply for a Secondary Consent amendment

The application fee is $590. You pay this when you apply. 

We will contact you if we need more information.

We will assess if your application is eligible for a Secondary Consent amendment. If it's not eligible, we will ask you to apply for a Section 72 amendment. 

We will email you with the outcome of your application. 

If we approve your application we will send you the approved plans.

You can only start your proposed changes when we have approved your application.

Section 72 amendment for significant changes

Apply for a Section 72 amendment to make changes to:

  • approved plans
  • permit conditions
  • the permit pre-amble (the description of what the permit allows).

We assess applications for a Section 72 amendment in the same way as a new Planning Permit application.

If you make changes as a Section 72 amendment, we'll tell you if you need to notify the public or advertise the changes.

Find out how we assess Planning Permit applications on our Apply for a Planning Permit page

VicSmart applications

Some Planning Permit applications are eligible for VicSmart. It's a fast-tracked assessment process for straight forward planning applications.

Before applying for a permit with us, check if you are eligible for VicSmart.

What to include with your application


  • a current copy of the Certificate of Title, no more than 30 days old (get this from the Landata website
  • a cover letter that details the proposed changes
  • an explanation of why you want to amend the permit
  • an electronic copy of the revised plans (if this applies).

How to apply

Submit the form and supporting documents either:

If we need more information we will contact you.

There is a fee to amend a Planning Permit. View Victoria State Government planning and subdivision fees.

We will email you an invoice with information on how to pay.

How we assess your application 

We assess applications for minor changes to plans more quickly than major changes.

As part of our assessment we may:

  • ask you for more information
  • refer your application to public authorities such as Melbourne Water 
  • give notice of your application if we believe the change may cause material detriment to any person.

We follow a similar process to assess your amendment application as we do to assess a Planning Permit application. The timeframe is also similar. Find out more on our Apply for a Planning Permit page

If we support the application and receive no objections, we issue an amended permit. A table in the footer of the permit details the changes. There may be new conditions. 

If we support the application but receive objections, we issue a notice of decision to amend the permit. 

If we do not support the application, we issue a refusal to amend the permit. 

You can appeal our decision with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). VCAT’s decision is final.

Find out about the VCAT appeals process.

More information

For more information on the amendment process, contact Statutory Planning on (03) 9278 4888 or email [email protected].

Amendments to Planning Permits are in line with:

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