The Boroondara Thematic Environment History (May 2012) explores the history of development since European settlement and provides the context for future heritage studies and assessments. Its themes show how key patterns of development have influenced and shaped the City including the natural and built environment.

The Thematic Environment History provides an important document for the identification and assessment of future places of heritage value. It discusses many places that illustrate the municipality's development over the years and provides examples that illustrate the historical theme.

Note: this document does not address aspects of the City of Boroondara's Aboriginal heritage. For more information on this topic, please see Indigenous Heritage.

Interested in the history of your property or area?

Many of our completed heritage studies include reports from external consultants that describe the heritage importance of places around Boroondara.

If you are interested in finding out about the history and heritage of your property or local area, you will find Boroondara’s Libraries are a great source of information.

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