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As a property owner in Boroondara, you might receive a letter from Council stating that your property has been identified in a heritage study or citation and that Council intends to include the property in a Heritage Overlay. You may wonder how this will affect your plans to develop the property.

Owning a property in a Heritage Overlay does not prohibit you from developing the property.

However, it does mean that you need to ask Council for planning permission before implementing certain designs.

Proposed Heritage Overlays and your property

The process of introducing a new Heritage Overlay can take up to two years and includes decision-making at both Council and State Government level.

If the Heritage Overlay is ultimately introduced to your property:

    You are not responsible for:

    • returning the property to its original appearance

    You are responsible for:

    Examples of successful renovations

    Take a look at some of the creative ways in which architects and developers have renovated buildings in heritage-protected areas:

     Elm & Willow is an example of an award-winning contemporary design that retains the original building’s Edwardian facade. Photography by Earl Carter and James Coombe.

    Supporting or opposing a new Heritage Overlay

    There are several opportunities to let Council know whether you support or oppose a proposed Heritage Overlay for your property or area. These include:

    • Preliminary consultation: After the heritage consultant has prepared a draft study or citation, affected residents and property owners are notified of the draft, made aware of any recommendations it contains and provided with a web address where they can download the study. Any interested party can provide feedback on the draft study’s recommendations.
    • Public exhibition: If Council adopts the study and begins the planning scheme amendment process, affected residents and owners or other interested parties can view the proposed amendment and make a submission.
    • Independent Panel hearing: Submitters will have the opportunity to participate in a public independent Planning Panel hearing in support of their submission.

    For more information, see Feedback on heritage studies and amendments.

    Enquiries about proposed Heritage Overlays

    For queries about proposed Heritage Overlays, phone: 9278 4815 or email Strategic Planning.

    Properties in an existing Heritage Overlay

    Follow these steps to find out if your property is already in a Heritage Overlay, and find resources to help you plan your development.

    Step 1: Confirm whether your property is in a Heritage Overlay

    1. Go to VicPlan. Search for the address of the property you would like to develop.
    2. Create a Planning  Property Report.
    3. Open the report and go to the Planning Overlay section:
      • See whether the report lists a Heritage Overlay.
      • Look at the map to see whether the areas you will be developing are inside the Heritage Overlay boundaries.
    4. On the report, click the schedule number (for example H04) to access a page where you can view any special controls for that number, such as whether there are restrictions around painting the building, or whether the property is on the Victoria State Heritage list.

    Step 2: Find out which permits and approvals apply to your project

    1. Go to Do I need a Permit?.
    2. Click the item that best describes your project and open the relevant guide. Begin at the first step and answer each question until you know which permits and approvals you require.

    If your project is not listed on the Do I need a Permit page or you need more information about Planning permissions, contact Statutory Planning at 9278 4888 or email Statutory Planning.

    Step 3: Be aware of your building’s Heritage grading

    The heritage grading of your building affects how your Planning Permit application will be assessed by Council. 

    Find about more heritage grading categories.

    Step 4: Read the relevant Statement of Significance

    Find the relevant Statement of Significance in the Reference Document. Review the Statement of Significance relating to the relevant Heritage Overlay number covering your property.

    Heritage advisor service

    Council offers a free heritage advisor service to help you revise your plans to meet the heritage controls for your property. 

    To arrange a consultation, call 9278 4888 or email Statutory Planning. Your property must be in an existing Heritage Overlay to make use of this service.

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