Boroondara has many important buildings and areas that are considered valuable because of their heritage status.

Heritage precincts

Properties affected by the Heritage Overlay are listed individually or as part of a heritage precinct. 

A heritage precinct is an area comprising heritage places that are historically related or share common characteristics. They are commonly a group of houses or shopping strips.

Heritage gradings

There are three different heritage gradings for places in a precinct that are detailed in the Heritage Policy in the Boroondara Planning Scheme:

  1. Significant heritage places: places of state, municipal or local cultural heritage significance that are individually important, and may also contribute to the heritage significance of their precinct.
  2. Contributory heritage places: places that contribute to the significance of a precinct. They are not considered individually important; however, combined with other significant and/or contributory heritage places, they demonstrate the heritage significance of a precinct.
  3. Non-contributory places: places within a heritage precinct that have no heritage significance, but are their development may affect the precinct or adjacent 'significant' or 'contributory' heritage places.

The heritage expert preparing the heritage study or assessment determines the grading of a particular property based on how the property reflects the heritage values that are sought for that precinct.

How to find your grading

You can find out if your house, street or neighbourhood is affected by a Heritage Overlay and what grading it has by downloading the Schedule of Gradings Map below. 

The map is updated as new Heritage Overlays are approved by the Minister for Planning or when changes are made to existing Heritage Overlay gradings.

If you are still unsure whether your property is affected by a Heritage Overlay, contact our Strategic and Statutory Planning Department before you begin any building or demolition work on (03) 9278 4888 or email [email protected].

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