Do you want to manage a building or renovation project on your property?

Follow this step-by-step guide to see what permits and documentation you need before you begin.

About owner-builder laws

Victoria’s owner-builder laws give property owners, genuine owner-builders, and registered building practitioners much greater protection: it is unlawful for unregistered builders to operate as a surrogate owner, or to persuade owners to be the 'builder' so they can avoid registration or insurance costs.

Following more changes in 2016, an owner-builder may only obtain building permits for one single dwelling and associated work on a single property in any 5-year period (previously it was 3 years). Of course, owner-builders must live and continue (or intend) to live in the dwelling.

Step 1: Check if you need a Building Permit for your project

If you are considering being an owner-builder on your project, you will need to meet certain requirements for any project that requires a Building Permit.

We have prepared a series of guides to help you understand what permits you require, see Do I need a permit?. If the works you want to do are not listed, please contact Building Services to check whether you need a Building Permit.

Does your project require a Building Permit?

If yes, continue to Step 2 below.

If no, you do not need to follow this owner-builder process.


Step 2: Confirm the value of the work you are doing

If the work you want to do is valued at more than $16,000, you will need to become an owner-builder and obtain a Certificate of Consent from the Victorian Building Authority.

If the value is below $16,000 you do not need any documentation to proceed.

Is the work you want to do valued at more than $16,000

If yes, continue to Step 3 below.

If no, you do not need to follow this owner-builder process.


Step 3: Become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of being an owner-builder

Becoming an owner-builder involves a number of steps. To check whether you are prepared to do this, and are likely to have the necessary skills, see the Victorian Building Authority’s outline of the process and requirements.

We suggest you download the VBA's  Owner-builder information and study guide, which provides the key information you will need, including owner-builder duties and responsibilities.

If you decide that you do wish to become an owner-builder, proceed to Step 4.


Step 4: Obtain a Certificate of Consent

Note: The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) manages this process - not the Council.

To apply for a Certificate of Consent to become an owner-builder, you will need to:

Once you have provided all the documents, the application takes about 28 calendar days to process. This process is managed by the VBA so please direct any queries about your Certificate of Consent to VBA.


Further information

Certificate of Consent enquiries: VBA.

Contact Building Services: email Building Services or phone 9278 4999.

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