Legal point of discharge

The legal point of discharge is where your property's private drain flows into the Council stormwater drain system.

To connect your property to the stormwater drain, apply for a legal point of discharge.

When you apply you will get a certificate showing:

  • the location and connection type allowed
  • if there are easements on your property
  • if your property is in a flood zone and the responsible authority.
A diagram of a house that shows the private drain connecting to Council's stormwater drain

This diagram shows the legal point of discharge, where a private drain flows into the Council drain system.

Our drain system only collects stormwater from rain that runs off surfaces.

You can't use the stormwater system to drain:

  • groundwater
  • wastewater (this must connect to the sewer).

You are responsible for managing groundwater on your property.

How to apply

Use our online form:

Apply for a legal point of discharge

Only property owners or professional contractors (such as builders and plumbers) should complete this form.


The application fee is $149.40.

We will:

  • send you an email or SMS to confirm your application
  • respond to you within 10 business days
  • let you know if you need other permits.

Other permits and requirements

Apply for a Road Opening Permit for works on any local roads.

If your legal point of discharge is on a declared road you also need to get consent from VicRoads-external site.

Declared roads include freeways, arterial roads and non-arterial state roads. Check your road on VicRoads map of declared roads-external site.

Some properties might need other stormwater arrangements, such as:

If your property needs either of these, we will let you know what requirements you must meet.

More information

Call us on (03) 9278 4444, or email [email protected].

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