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You can apply for a Building Permit from our municipal building surveyor or from a private building surveyor.

Most Building Permits in Boroondara are issued by private building surveyors.

Role of private building surveyors

Private building surveyors:

  • assess siting matters for the building, including height, set backs, overlooking and overshadowing
  • carry out mandatory inspections
  • take action on breaches of Building Permits
  • issue Occupancy Permits and/or Certificates of Final Inspection.

Before issuing a Building Permit, the private building surveyor will check that the Building Permit application complies with the:

  • Building Act 1993
  • Building Regulations 2018
  • Building Code of Australia.

If your building works don't require a Planning Permit, then a private building surveyor can issue a Building Permit. 

If you do need Planning Permit, a private building surveyor can issue a Building Permit once you have received your Planning Permit. Check if you need a Planning Permit.

Breaches of Building Permits

Private building surveyors have the same powers as our municipal building surveyor. They are responsible for taking enforcement action when there are breaches of Building Permits.

Council does not get involved in the enforcement action taken by private building surveyors unless there is a risk to life. Life safety matters include:

  • dangerous excavations
  • potentially dangerous brick walls
  • unprotected swimming pools and spas.

A significant breach of the Building Permit can be taken to the Magistrates Court.

More information

For more information contact our Building Services team at [email protected] or on (03) 9278 4999.

For a list of registered private building surveyors, contact the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

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