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Find out how we maintain streets, minor roads, laneways and footpaths across the City of Boroondara. 

VicRoads is responsible for maintaining arterial (main) roads in Boroondara.

Our street and road maintenance

Below are examples of maintenance that we carry out on and around our streets and minor roads.


  • Repair potholes and other significant road repair
  • Road resurfacing and construction
  • Mark lines
  • Install and maintain street signs
  • Maintain street furniture

We also sweep residential streets every 4 weeks, and sweep some streets more often during autumn. Find out more about this on our Street cleaning page.

Public laneways

We are responsible for maintaining public laneways across Boroondara.

Our contractors undertake a range of maintenance on public laneways 3 times a year. This includes:

  • weed spraying
  • grass cutting
  • pruning
  • rubbish clearing
  • leaf blowing.

If you find a laneway that needs urgent attention, report it to us in our Report a maintenance issue form. To find out when a laneway near you is scheduled for maintenance call us on (03) 9278 4444.

We do not maintain private laneways. To find out if a laneway is private check the Register of Public Roads on our How we manage roads page.




  • Clean shopping centres
  • Clean public toilets
  • Maintain council buildings
  • Minor repairs to car parks

Arterial roads

There are 34 arterial (main) roads across the City of Boroondara. VicRoads is responsible for the general operation and maintenance of these roads. 

We are responsible for the footpaths and service roads on arterial roads. Service roads are minor roads that run parallel with arterial roads and allow access to houses, shops and businesses. You can see a map of arterial roads in Boroondara on the Map of DTP roads page on the VicRoads website

Find out more about who is responsible for what kind of road on the Victoria's road network page on the VicRoads website.

Report a road or footpath issue

You can report an issue to us about a council-managed street, road, laneway or footpath.

Report an issue

You can report an issue with an arterial road on the VicRoads website

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