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Car parking locations

You can use the map below to find a public car park in the City of Boroondara.

Parking rules and restrictions

Parking restrictions can be timed, permitted, and/or metered. Parking is monitored through a combination of parking sensors and our parking inspectors.

For information on parking permits, visit our Parking permits page.

Parking sensors accurately measure the exact time a vehicle enters and leaves a parking space. Parking sensors do not change any parking rules or time limits that are specified on parking signs. Your time starts as soon as your vehicle enters the parking bay.

We recommend always checking the signs near your parking space, so you know the time limit for your space and whether you need to pay for the time you are parked. Time limits are in place for parking to ensure the turnover of parking spaces based on the needs of each location.

Please also ensure you are parked legally. You can see a summary of Victorian road and parking rules on the VicRoads website, or see the legislation documents for the Victorian Road Rules on the Victorian Legislation website.

If you see a car, motorbike or bicycle parked illegally, please report it to us. To report an illegally parked vehicle, call us anytime on (03) 9278 4444.

Parking fees

We have metered parking bays in our high demand parking locations. This helps to create turnover of parking spaces so that more people can access these popular locations.

You can pay for parking using:

  • ticket machines near all metered parking spaces, where you can pay for your parking with cash or card.
  • your mobile phone, with the PayStay app and your card or bank account. This method allows you to pay for the time you stay. You will need to set up a PayStay account to use this option. Find out more on the PayStay website or call 1300 322 111.

The different parking fees for metered parking spaces in Boroondara are listed below.

Parking area 2022/23 fees
4-hour paid parking

$5.30 per 4 hours

$3.30 per hour

3-hour paid parking

$4.40 per 3 hours

$3.30 per hour

2-hour paid parking

$4.00 per 2 hours

$3.30 per hour

Paid parking (other areas) $6.80 per day
Paid parking - Junction West off-street car parking $6.80 per day
Paid parking $3.30 per hour
Paid parking (Glenferrie car parks - Park Street, Grey Street, Wakefield Street and Linda Crescent) $3.30 per hour after first hour
Paid parking - Rose Street off-street car parking (OSCP) $6.50 per day

Apply for a road opening permit where sensors are located

If you are opening the road for service connections within a parking bay with sensors, the parking sensors must be removed prior to works. You can check whether a parking bay has sensors by looking for the silver sensor tags stuck to the road in the parking bay.

Please see our Opening a road page for more information on the permit required and how to apply. When applying for a permit to open a road, you will need to list the relevant sensor tag numbers for the impacted parking bays.

Report damaged parking signs or metres

If you see a damaged parking meter you can report this emailing [email protected], calling (03) 9278 4505, or by using our online Report a maintenance issue form.

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