Find autumn leaf collection days

During the heavy leaf-fall months - April to July - we collect the bulk of leaves along selected streets in the City of Boroondara.

This service starts several weeks after the start of the autumn fall so we can collect as many leaves as possible. The date changes each year depending on when different species of tree drops their leaves. 

Autumn leaf-fall sweeping dates take precedence over the regular residential street sweeping service days.

Autumn leaf collections have finished for 2018. Please note that 2018 will be last year we send letters to residents to advise of the autumn leaf collection schedule. In 2019, please visit our website for the schedule. 

How you can help us

  • Avoid parking on the street on your sweeping days.
  • Rake up leaves that the street sweeper cannot reach under and near parked vehicles.
  • Don't rake or blow grass clippings or leaves onto the road after the sweeper has passed by.
  • Make sure leaves are free of sticks, branches and rocks as they will damage the machinery.

Note: We don't sweep or collect leaves that are from your garden.

IMPORTANT: For your safety, you must keep clear of leaf collection and street sweeping machinery at all times.

If there are excess leaves on the naturestrip and footpath, you can mulch them using a lawn mower and then compost them. See order a compost bin and sustainability for more information.

Contact us

If your street is not scheduled for bulk leaf collection but you'd like assistance removing heavy leaf fall in your area, then let us know.

Send photos of heavy leaf fall on your street to [email protected] and we will assess your street for inclusion in the program in future years.

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