We conduct a wide range of maintenance activities on minor roads and footpaths across Boroondara each year. VicRoads is responsible for maintaining Boroondara's 34 arterial roads. 

Minor road maintenance

Examples of maintenance we carry out on minor roads in Boroondara include:

Streets and laneways

  • Repairing potholes
  • Sweeping
  • Marking lines
  • Installing and maintaining street signs
  • Maintaining street furniture
  • General laneway maintenance.



  • Clearing drains
  • Cleaning pits.


  • Cleaning shopping centres
  • Cleaning public toilets
  • Maintaining Council buildings
  • Minor repairs to car parks.

Major repairs to roads

We budget and plan for more significant works, such as major repairs to laneways and road resurfacing, rebuilding and construction. We undertake and supervise this work on an annual contract basis.

Arterial roads

There are 34 arterial roads across the City of Boroondara. VicRoads is responsible for the general operation and maintenance of these roads. However, Council is responsible for service roads and footpaths on arterial roads because they are considered to be for the use of local residents.

VicRoads has more information on which authority is responsible for what kind of road and a map of arterial roads in Boroondara and across Victoria.

Report a road or footpath issue

If you see an issue with a council-maintained road or footpath that needs to be reported immediately, complete our online form: Report an issue.

To report issues with arterial roads, contact VicRoads

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