If a vehicle (car, motorcycle, van, truck, trailer or caravan) is parked on a road, car park or naturestrip and has not moved for a period of time - it could be considered abandoned and may be removed.

A vehicle may be considered abandoned if the vehicle is:

  • registered, but hasn't moved for at least 2 months
  • appears to be in a disused state
  • unregistered.

You can report an unregistered or abandoned vehicle and we'll investigate.

Report an abandoned vehicle online

You'll need to provide:

  • vehicle registration number if known
  • location (street and street number if possible)
  • type of vehicle (for example, sedan, ute or wagon).

And, if possible, the condition of the vehicle. colour, make and model.

You can also attach photos to help us locate the vehicle.

Once you've reported the vehicle the following steps will commence:

  • we’ll put notifications cards/door knock neighbouring properties to identify the owner of the vehicle
  • as may be required notify the owner of the vehicle if known to remove the vehicle if unregistered
  • if the vehicle is registered and the owner can be contacted the vehicle may be entitled to remain parked legally
  • we'll put a notice on the windscreen with a due date for removal
  • if the vehicle isn’t removed by this date, we'll organise for it be towed and impounded
  • if impounded, the vehicle owner is sent a letter with instructions for how to collect their vehicle and pay the  fee.

For more information, contact our Local Laws team on 9278 4444.

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