A vehicle can be considered abandoned if it:

  • is registered but hasn't moved for at least 2 months
  • appears to be unused
  • is unregistered.

Vehicles can be cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, trailers and caravans.

Report an abandoned or unregistered vehicle to us online and we'll investigate it. Your identity will be kept private.

Report an abandoned vehicle online

When you fill in the form you need to provide the vehicle's location.

Helpful information

Any extra details can help us identify the vehicle. If possible please provide the vehicle's:

  • registration number
  • location, including street number
  • colour, make and model
  • condition.

Attaching photos will help us locate the vehicle.

What happens next

Once you've reported the vehicle we need to find out if the vehicle is abandoned or just parked. This can take from 7 to 60 business days depending on whether the vehicle is registered or not. 

We will:

  • try to identify the owner of the vehicle 
  • check if the vehicle is registered with VicRoads
  • notify the owner of the vehicle to remove it within 60 days if it's unregistered
  • put a notice on the windscreen with the due date for removal
  • organise for the vehicle to be towed and impounded if it isn’t removed by this date.

If the vehicle is registered and parked legally, the owner may not need to move their vehicle. 

When you fill in the form, you can ask us to update you on the outcome.

More information

For more information contact our Local Laws team at [email protected] or on (03) 9278 4444.

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