The parking restrictions on some signs don’t apply on public holidays, which means you can park for longer than the restriction would usually allow.

This guidance is informed by Rule 318 of the Road Safety Rules (2017) in Victoria.

See Victorian public holidays.

Signs that don’t apply on public holidays

Parking signs that refer to a day of the week don’t apply on a public holiday. So if any day of the week is listed on the sign (for example, ‘Mon-Fri’, ‘Sat’ or ‘Sun’) then the restriction doesn’t apply and you can park there as long as you like.

This includes all signs that display a day of the week – including metered and unmetered parking areas, Loading Zones, Clearways, etc.

Example parking sign showing days of the week

Signs that DO apply on public holidays

Parking signs that do not display any days of the week continue to apply at all times – even on a public holiday.

If there isn’t a day of the week on the sign, you still need to adhere to these restrictions.

Example parking sign with constant restriction

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