As a property owner or resident, it’s important to allow Council officers to access easements on your property.

Access by appointment

If we need to access your property, we will attempt to contact you by phone to arrange a date for the visit and explain the purpose.

If we are unable to make contact by phone, a Council officer will visit the property and leave a calling card. The card will request the resident to contact Council offices to book an appointment time.

On the day of the appointment, you can identify our officers by their uniform and identification card. You may request to see the identification card to verify the identity of the Council officer.

Emergency access

In emergency situations, such as flooding or damage to infrastructure, we may not always be able to make contact in time.

In these cases, we will enter the property to carry out the emergency work and attempt to contact the resident at the time of access.

The right for Council staff to enter private property to carry out works within easement was conferred upon Council by section 3F of the Local Government Act: 'Council has the power to do all things necessary or convenient to be done in connection with the achievement of its objectives and the performance of its functions.'

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